AI as a Service

Multiple mundane, repetitive tasks consuming more time and bandwidth

Identifying the right selling point through a large volume of data

24x7 production & support availability

Quality inconsistency

End-to-End AI / ML Process Capabilities

  • Data Engineering

    • Data Requirements Definition • Collecting, Labelling & Cleaning Data • Data Transformation • Data Querying

  • Data Modelling

    • Feature Engineering • Training ML Models • Model Building • Model Evaluation • Hyper Parameters Tuning Dimensionality Reduction

  • Models Deployment

    • Building Production Grade Code • Cloud Setup • API’s Building • Retraining ML Models • Fitting Models on Resource Constrained Devices

  • Data Visualisation

    • Building Dashboards for Business Intelligence

  • Business / Domain Analysis

    • Understanding Business Objectives • Analyzing Data Sets for Statistics • Identifying Relevant Features for Model Building • Presentation of Results – Data Storytelling

Why Us?

Improved Production Performance

Rapid, Data Driven Decisions

Reduce Manufacturing Operations Cost

Reduce lead time for Root Cause Analysis of Manufacturing Quality Issues

Improve Sales Revenue

Increased Uptime of the Vehicle

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