AUTOSAR facilitates the reusability and exchangeability of Electronic Control Units (ECUs) by standardizing its software, thereby reducing the complexity in the Automotive Ecosystem. Vehicle Manufacturers, Suppliers & Technology Providers together standardize software components/modules across vehicle platforms by integrating the functional modules. Complex legacy codes can be migrated to AUTOSAR. We have successfully delivered end-to-end solutions for several projects and supported boot loader integration resolving issues in the Boot Loader Package supported with an updated stack. Development of Microcontroller drivers, communication drivers, code generation using standard tools, and testing of Microcontroller Abstraction Layer (MCAL) drivers are some of the projects we handled.Read more

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AUTOSAR - Layered Architecture

AUTOSAR is a layered architecture that supports the realization of functional requirements in an ECU. The primary function of layered architecture is to get the abstract or hardware components from the application layer. The AUTOSAR architecture has three layers, Basic Software (BSW), Runtime Environment Layer (RTE), and Application Layer.

AUTOSAR Layered Architecture
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End-to-End AUTOSAR Solutions and System Testing

Application-specific Generic, Portable and Modular Platforms

Lesser Time-to-Market

Leverage on the expertise in Embedded System blended with legacy touch in Automotive Industry

OEM-specific UDS Services

End-to-End System Competency for eMobility Solutions

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Very impressive work by Hinduja Tech team

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It is an understatement if we say, ‘Our team is very pleased with the excellent work we have received from Hinduja Tech’. Hinduja Tech team has overall outshined our expectations and has proven to be a great asset to our program!

Director of Engineering, An Emerging OEM

Thanks for the amazing support Hinduja Tech has provided. We’re really impressed by the ownership taken by your team, and truly appreciate what they have done to keep our projects running successfully.

Engineering Unit Manager, A Global Tier-1 Supplier

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