Promoting Academic Excellence throughDigital Learning

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Hinduja Tech supports the company's mission to provide education who are deprived of quality schooling. Not only does the initiative help educate children from low-income families it also takes into account skill development through volunteering programs, and provide necessary learning gadgets that can improve the overall learning experience.

Road to School - Making a Difference in Student’s Life During the Pandemic! With the halting of regular schools and curriculum-based education during the COVID times, children in rural areas are facing significant learning loss, but hopefully we have salvaged some of the issues surrounding this with our Road to School Program. The programs helped us reach 1,107 Schools, 1,209 Villages and 1,02,135 Students in rural areas of India.

Hinduja Tech’s Tab Lab initiative, where we gave away 4G Tabs for each student or cluster of students. These devices are the source of downloadable content, with fixed hours for different classes. The tabs are installed with required educational Apps for Math & Tamil, and they work offline too. Our Cluster Learning initiative where a group of students share a Tab promoted a culture of shared learning. Overall, the Tab Lab initiative turned out to be a scalable & effective way to bring growth hungry rural students into the ‘World of Digital Learning’. Further, we have also set up stable internet connection in the schools to deliver uninterrupted learning.

The Road Ahead: In the next cycle, 1500 students will be enrolled across locations to complete FLN in this cycle. Student progress will be monitoring and reported on EduStems as Continuous monitoring of progress & reporting helps the students improve better.

Success Stories:

• Tech Enabled (Apple iPad) Learning pilot initiated in Worli for underprivileged students with no access to devices

• Three thousand plus students from affordable private schools have joined various RTS beneficiary schools in Sankari, Tiruchengode, Namakkal, Salem and Hosur

• 1024 students successfully completed grade X board Exams in Kalaburgi, Karnataka

People behind CSR at Hinduja Tech


iCare: Volunteer From Home is a unique initiative launched for all Hinduja Group associates. The initiative provides an opportunity to interact with students of government schools and their families across the country, and engage them in a wide range of activities through technology based online & offline interactive modes. Learning Links Foundation is extending its support to the iCare program by implementing all the on-field volunteering activities.

A lot of children across the country have benefited from this program, especially in these uncertain times, where learning losses have been significant owing to physical closure of schools. The contribution of each volunteer has been immensely acknowledged by the children.

CSR Initiative

Giving Back to the Community

Hinduja Tech CSR Initiative
Hinduja Tech CSR Initiative 3
Hinduja Tech CSR Initiative 2
Hinduja Tech, in association with EFI, participated in the Voluntary Cleanup – CSR Initiative at Sholinganallur Lake.
Group 2

India has a rich cultural heritage and valued traditions, especially that of philanthropy and service to others. Powered by this strong value of paying one's debt to society, the Group's founder, Parmanand Deepchand Hinduja, earmarked a majority portion of their personal wealth for the benefit of the less-fortunate.

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Education for All

Every child must have equal access to a quality education because it determines the quality of life in the nation. Education is the key to change and progress in India. The Foundation strives to provide quality education to each and every section of society.
Large scale educational initiatives need significant and sustained effort that can be achieved only through working at multiple levels and on several areas simultaneously. The Foundation has been working for years now towards making deep and large-scale impact on the quality of education in India.

Get in touch with us, in case you have any queries! corpcomm@hindujatech.com

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