HIL Testing & Validation

With increasing complexities in Electronic Control Units (ECUs) and being central to the management of multiple systems, there is an increased need for rigorous testing in a simulated environment. Rigorous testing of the system is needed to ensure that it performs as expected.

Hardware in Loop (HIL) is a fast-growing validation methodology amongst OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers in the global market. It’s a tedious job for every OEM and Tier-1 supplier to mature the Software and Hardware in the early stage of Vehicle development. By interfacing multiple sub-systems simultaneously, it exposes deficiencies, as units are tested in combination, and as they interact with each other.

Our HIL Testing & Validation Capabilities


Every engineering prototype part is very expensive and has targets to complete on-time delivery for which, our HIL Validation solution will help OEMs to mature the software and hardware. From prototype development to SOP, we ensure smooth vehicle build without any issues for every milestone.

Hinduja Tech offers a systematic Validation Solution from Concept to SOP, starting from Requirement Analysis, Test Case Design and Development, Test Automation (CAPL / Python), LABCAR Design, Wiring, Fabrication, MATLAB Model interface, and commissioning in HIL Test environment. We also offer HIL Testing solutions for Individual Electronic Components, Complete Vehicle Testing including End-of-Line Testing.

HIL Testing & Validation Solutions

Our HIL Testing & Validation solution offers Multiple Electronic Control units in mixed (physical & virtual) test environments, where we simulate ECUs with MATLAB models and integrate Real Electronic Control Units in the LABCAR. This solution will help OEMs to validate vehicle functionalities without a Real Electronic Control Unit. We are able to offer the below services as either an ODC model or R&D Partner Support Model.

HIL offerings

Our HIL Testing & Validation Lab Facility

HT_Our HIL Testing & Validation Lab Facility.png

We offer a flexible LABCAR solution, where we achieve major re-usability for Model Development, Test Procedure Development, and LABCAR wiring changes/modification.

Features of our Flexible LABCAR​ Setup

• The LABCAR can be reused by modification of the wiring for new or upgraded vehicle hardware changes​

• MATLAB Models, Panels, and Test Cases can be updated based on the new/modified requirements​

• New/modified Vehicle Parts, Sensors, Actuators, Switches, Lamps, Electrical Loads, and Motors can be analyzed and interfaced with new models and wiring

Hardware in Loop (HIL) Testing Service Offerings

Vehicle Quality and Performance
Advanced Testing Services
Diagnostics & Reliability
Ensuring Consistent Quality
Addressing Challenges
Why Us?

ZERO Capital Investment

Domain Expertise

State-of-the-art Infrastructure with LABCAR Facility

Software and Hardware Maturity at an early stage of Vehicle Development

Dedicated mixture of Real and Virtual ECU’s test environment for HIL System Bench Testing, Simultaneous Testing, and Vehicle Testing for EV, Hybrid & ICE

End-to-End Validation Solutions for complete Vehicle Electrical & Electronics including Networking, Diagnostics and End-of-Line.

Labs equipped with market leaders in HIL Test systems - dSPACE and VECTOR VT

FAQ - HIL Testing & Validation

How does HIL Testing help in our development cycle?

HIL Testing plays a pivotal role in any V Model development cycle by offering the following benefits:
  • Software maturation in the early stage of development
  • Reduces time to market by Automating testing processes
  • Reduces the chances of recalls
  • Ability to Investigate/Replicate Field Failure issues in the Lab
  • Validation of ECU’s interface before the first build
  • Helps in finding the defect’s root cause
  • Uncover Bugs and Failures that might not be apparent in software-only testing

How does Hinduja Tech support in HIL Testing?

As a comprehensive vehicle development company, guiding projects from concept to production, Hinduja Tech provides a distinctive approach to HIL testing. Our expertise allows the early identification of issues in the development cycle. With a skilled team of experienced engineers and leaders, we collaborate with clients to customize solutions that precisely address their unique requirements. We are also equipped with state-of-the-art simulators from industry leaders like dSPACE and Vector VT HIL systems.

What services does Hinduja Tech Offer?

Hinduja Tech offers a comprehensive range of testing services, including:
  • Test Plan and Plant Model Development
  • Replication Of Field Defects and Issues
  • Regression Testing
  • End-of-Line Testing
  • Durability/Long-Term Testing
  • Diagnostic Stressing
  • Network Testing
  • Build Permutation and Proxy Testing
  • Labcar Development
  • Verification And Validation of Complete Vehicle Features and Function

What type of systems can Hinduja Tech test in the HIL?

We conduct comprehensive testing of the entire vehicle electronics, covering Powertrain (EV and ICE), Body electronics, Comfort and Convenience, Chassis Electronics, and ADAS features. Our HIL Testing focuses on, but is not limited to, the following areas:
  • Vehicle Supervisory Control
  • Powertrain Control
  • Battery Management
  • ADAS (up to Level 3)
  • Body Control Module
  • Infotainment & Telematics
  • Climate Control Electronics
  • Telematics
  • Door / Mirror Control
  • Instrument Cluster

We need to test an entire vehicle’s worth of Electronics. Would you be able to support it?

If you require complete vehicle electronics testing, we can provide the required support. Our capabilities include building a LABCAR as a comprehensive test bench from either dSPACE or Vector VT System. It connects various components, such as ECUs, Sensors, Actuators, Lamps, Lights, Switches, Latches, Motors, Mirrors, Wiper, Washers, etc., in a loop with the Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Simulator. This setup allows us to validate software requirements for the entire vehicle effectively.
Mahendra Pardeshi

Mahendra Pardeshi

Practice Head

Mahendra Pardeshi heads the Vehicle Integration - Electric Vehicle division. As an Automotive professional, he has over 20 years of work experience in Product Development, Vehicle Electrification, Vehicle Architecture Development, Vehicle Delivery, System Validation, VAVE and Budgeting & Resource Optimization. He is also responsible for building and overseeing Vehicle Electrification vertical. He has successfully led business expansion plans, strategically planned resource allocation, efficiently managed costs, adhered to deadlines and delivery schedules.

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