Automotive manufacturers are constantly challenged to expand their core competencies. They have to ensure best-in-class OEE, smart production systems that build quality parts, and efficient production processes with reduced downtime, leading to increased revenue for the organization. Read more
Condition MonitoringManufacturing Quality AnalyticsPredictive Maintenance of Machines

Condition Monitoring

Industry 4.0 - Condition Monitoring
Measure the performance of your machines in real-time & identify bottlenecks
Primary Benefit : Improve OEE

Industry 4.0 Key Features of the Solution

Industry 4.0 Solution

Our Industry 4.0 Solution

Hinduja Tech is the one-stop solution provider for all factory IoT needs across enterprises. We partner with manufacturing companies on their industry 4.0 journey by involving ourselves from discovery workshop to identifying pilots and providing ROI to scaling the solution against the market demands.

Industry_4.0_Our Solution

Our Industry 4.0 Partner Ecosystem

HT’s Industry 4.0 strategic partnership with Telit and Senseye plays a critical role in its clients' robust digital transformation journey. It offers roadmap consulting and end-to-end execution support for successful business outcomes. The partnership between HT and Telit will bring forth a thoroughly developed Industry 4.0 and dashboard implementation where Senseye will focus on predictive algorithm solutions. With Telit and Senseye, Hinduja Tech looks forward to creating a better and customer-conscious Industry 4.0 solution for automotive OEMs.

The perfect blending of Telit’s deviceWISE and Senseye’s PDM solution allows HT to be viewed as the value-added integrator. While extraction of a large scale of data is a challenge for Senseye, Telit complements it with its capability of collecting data through its IoT platform. On the other hand, despite its penetration, Telit doesn’t have scalable solutions like Senseye’s PdM and hence hasn’t leveraged to ramp up significant revenues.

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Senseye brings over a decade of experience developing AI-powered solutions for scalable machine reliability and sustainability. Senseye PdM provides automated analysis to Automotive OEMs and Tiers-1s to reduce cost and monitor machinery issues. Hinduja Tech, tied up as a value-added partner with Senseye, will provide a machine-to-cloud deployment using Senseye as the analytics to learn from the machine and establish maintainer behaviour. This guarantees business ROI resulting in Precise & Correct Maintenance, Reduced Operational Costs & Risks, Support for Mobile Workers, and Increased Sustainability.

Telit is a pioneer and leading enabler of the global IoT. It offers products for companies that rely on mission-critical connectivity and enterprise-grade performance. Its secure modules, IoT connectivity plans, software, and platforms enable end-to-end IoT deployments. The products can be separately or bundled as an integrated solution to reduce time to market and cost. The IoT platform connects more than 100 device drivers to as many machines in just 2 weeks with almost zero coding to derive insights from the data.

Why Us?

Deep domain knowledge in automotive and manufacturing

Integration expertise for measurable business outcome

Working relationship with OEMs, Tier-1s & Disruptive Players

Integrating force that blends Telit's deviceWISE and Senseye's PdM to implement scalable IoT solutions

Provide platform with 100+ device drivers to connect, collect and visualize

Assist to connect your machine in 2 weeks with zero custom coding for dashboards

Ensure 85% reduction in downtime and 50% reduction in unplanned downtime

Helps 55% increase in maintenance staff productivity

What Our Customers Say About Us

It is an understatement if we say, ‘Our Team is very pleased with the excellent work we have received from Hinduja Tech’. Hinduja Tech Industry 4.0 team has overall outshined our expectations and has proven to be a great asset to our program!

Director of Engineering, An emerging OEM

Thanks for the amazing support, Hinduja Tech has provided. We’re really impressed by the ownership taken by your Industry 4.0 team, and truly appreciate what they have done to keep our projects running successfully.

Engineering Unit Manager, A Global Tier 1 supplier

Meeting project milestones is always a top priority, and once Hinduja Tech Industry 4.0 came into the frame, we knew we were advancing in the right direction and have successfully achieved what we desired. Thanks for being reliable each time and making communication way more effective and easier.

Lead Product Engineer, Roof Systems, A Global Tier 1 Supplier

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