Job Title: Design and Release Engineer - BIW

Qualification: B.E.

Experience: 0 to 5 Years

Job Post Date: 04/04/2024

Job Expiry Date: No Expiry

Location: Mexico

Job Description:

  • Design, Specify, Test, Validate, and Release Parts for assigned vehicle families
  • Analyze and resolve part failures; propose, validate, and achieve cost reductions inherent to these components
  • Make changes or modifications to Component Parts of assigned vehicle families (Change Notices - CNs)
  • Request and authorize required tests on Systems, Parts, and Components of assigned vehicle families to validate compliance with design requirements (Design Verification Plan & Report)
  • Develop and evaluate assembly and operation tests of parts in Assembly Plants before their incorporation into vehicle production (Production Evaluation Request)
  • Determine and publish temporary or definitive approvals for Part Validations of assigned vehicle families
  • Analyze and resolve operating and durability failures of parts in units of assigned vehicle families (Customer Problem Resolution Team, Customer Advocate Group "Tag" Quality Alert, GIMS, Expenses per unit sold and C/1000, Launch Indicators Issues)
  • Develop Parts with suppliers according to the "Source Package" process
  • Support Assembly and Manufacturing Plants in the use and application of specifications and designs to the latest Engineering Change
  • Application and use of design software and hardware for models as required by the commodity or assigned components
  • Attend training and development plans to acquire the skills and knowledge required to meet the objectives
  • Standardize components and perform benchmarking (performance, weight, and cost efficiency)
  • Approve or reject requests for temporary or definitive deviations to the product
  • Propose and/or develop cost reductions (TCR/VO)
  • Issue Product Change Notifications (CNs)
  • Verify the manufacturing process of the product prior to part production
  • Request and obtain concurrences for: Validations, temporary and definitive deviations of the designed product
  • Obtain information on product changes, implementation dates of product changes, technical service bulletins and/or campaigns, product engineering standards, parts listings, and engineering graphics
  • Coordinate DFMEAs and PFMEAs with suppliers
  • Support pilot phases in assembly plants
  • Responsible for designing parts in NX (3D & 2D)
Desirable Requirements
  • Knowledge of: automotive vehicles and their systems, assembly and manufacturing processes of automotive products, validation of automotive parts and systems
  • CCD, CNs, NX, Codep, Ebom, STV systems
  • DFSS Green Belt/Black Belt Certified
  • Languages: Advanced English
  • Bachelor's degree in engineering (mechanical, mechatronics, electrical, electromechanical, metallurgical, aerospace, or related)
  • JR (0 to 3 years of experience in stamped component design)
  • MID (3 to 5 years of experience in stamped component design)
  • ADV (+5 years of experience in stamped component design)
  • CDMX/EDO MEX/Saltillo/MTY (Must be available to report in a hybrid manner if necessary, reporting to the locations of Santa Fe/Planta Toluca/Planta Saltillo)
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