Local Motors partners with World-Class Engineering Group for Olli Production

Feb 4th, 2022

Local Motors partners with World-Class Engineering Group

Phoenix, Arizona, March 6, 2018. Local Motors selects premier engineering service provider, Hinduja Tech Inc,.as the latest partner for continued development of the world’s first co-created, self-driving vehicle, Olli. Olli debuted as a proof of concept on June 16, 2016, and is launching pilot programs beginning Spring of 2018. Local Motors continues to drive open platform development forward through LM Labs by partnering with leading companies throughout the world, bringing the latest in technological advancements and safety to mobility products at unprecedented speeds. “Local Motors’ core skill is in rapid product development and commercialization, we were born to grow and to do so quickly. However, as we grow, in order to increase our profit and to reinforce safety and reliability in lockstep, we have looked to partner with teams who have a proven track record. Hinduja Tech has earned their stripes in partnering with the world’s top global OEMs and we are proud to partner with them. Together we make Olli reliable, safe, and radically upgradeable.” -John B Rogers Jr, CEO and co-founder LMI, parent company of Local Motors. “We are excited to be selected as a partner by Local Motors for engineering co-development of Olli,” stated Kumar Prabhas, CEO, Hinduja Tech. “We too share the passion and vision of Local Motors in providing sustainable, accessible transportation solutions to all and are committed to support Local Motors.” Local Motors chose Hinduja Tech Inc. as a partner as both groups are no stranger to tight timelines and delivering world class products. Hinduja Tech Inc. brings their tantamount experience and proven track records to the table, enabling Local Motors to bring a production scale Olli to market in half the time of traditional manufacturing. Working with Hinduja Tech Inc. also provides Local Motors an extension to their team, promoting collaboration between team members around the world. “Hinduja Tech is a phenomenal partner. Our work together shows how diverse companies come together, to mix capability while the agility allows us to do world changing work.” Matthew Rivett, EVP, Local Motors. Vijay Malik, President & Head of Sales for Hinduja Tech North America, stated, “Local Motors is one of the 1st Disruptive Automotive OEM clients of Hinduja Tech in USA. Hinduja Tech aims to repeat its past track record of delivering award winning vehicle programs in execution of Olli as a robust & safely engineered electric autonomous vehicle.” Local Motors is looking forward and Olli’s future is brighter than ever!


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