Our Article on Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0, Published in Original Equipment Suppliers Association News 2020 – Fourth Quarter – Edition Two

Jul 14th, 2021

Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0

Manufacturing requires problem solving, resources planning and optimization skills coupled with flawless execution. Historically, decision making in Manufacturing has been constrained by lack of real time visibility of data of the machines / processes, data lying in silos across IT tools and lack of integration between IT and OT (Operational Technology) Systems. With the emergence of technologies like IIoT coupled with data analytics, manufacturing leaders comprising of Operations Managers, Quality Managers and Maintenance Managers will be able to realize better operational efficiencies, thereby influencing financial outcomes for the organization. While the business value of Connected Factory is clear, most of the organizations are pondering where and how to start this journey. The best way to start the journey is to evaluate the use cases and decide which one of them is relevant for your organization based on your current maturity & pain points. This article outlines the key use cases that Automotive Suppliers can evaluate as part of their Smart Manufacturing / Industry 4.0 Shop Floor Journey to meet the changing landscape of the automotive industry. The following functional stack diagram highlights the end to end components to be enabled by technology for realizing Connected Factory solution to cater to multiple use cases.


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