VAVE Idea Management Solution

Organizations time and again receive many new ideas from different stakeholders such as employees, suppliers, and customers. But they often do not realise the innovative potential of these ideas and where these ideas once implemented can take the organizations to greater heights. Some organizations use idea management tools, but often feel that the dashboards are set templates that come with inherent challenges – the tool may capture the idea but doesn’t evaluate and prioritize the idea as suitable for their business. It also lacks to provide required insights, to filter productive ideas. Some other prominent challenges are:

• Higher process lead time to run VAVE programs right from identification of focus areas till implementation
• Lack of end to end process visibility when working with multiple stakeholders for collaboration
• Lack of knowledge repository to digitise “Know how” of ideas for product cost reduction problems

Drivers of Higher Lead Time

• Broken communication between VAVE Cross functional teams and the rest of the employees or suppliers in the organisation

• Lack of traceability of end-to-end process steps

• Struggle to identify the right experts/SMEs for a specific problem

• Data (Cost, Volume & Market Forecast) lying in different IT systems in silos

• Lack of motivation from the employees & suppliers to provide ideas for product cost reduction

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How it Works

Built on Industry best practice process framework for product cost reduction problems solving & collaboration. Easy to Customise for your needs

VAVE Idea Management Solution


VAVE Idea Management Solution

VAVE Idea Management Solution Key Features

VAVE Idea Management Solution
Why Us?

Centralised Platform/ single repository: Easy, Plug and Play Model to capture product feedback and all ideas. Powerful dashboards that help you track idea status and measure outcome

Proven Experience in Automotive Domain: Tried and Tested Model

Real-Time View: Comprehensive snapshot of Intellectual Property assets inside your company

Scalable Approach: Phased approach and strong governance mechanism that helps Identify which parts / systems / sub systems will give highest cost benefits for your organisation & prioritise

Are you keen on lowering the Idea turnaround time? It’s high time you turn up for our product demo!!

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