An IIoT Roadmap For Driving Productivity & Efficiency in Automotive Plants

A three-tiered approach to Connecting, Collecting and Analyzing Production Data using cutting-edge IIoT Software, AI-driven Predictive Algorithms and Integration Partners.

Smart factories utilize data from sensors and devices to enhance productivity. Analyzing this data helps optimize processes, address maintenance needs, and identify bottlenecks. However, many IIoT projects fail to deliver results. To bridge this gap, a three-tiered IIoT approach is proposed for automotive manufacturers. It involves connecting the shop floor to the enterprise using an easy-to-use IIoT platform and implementing predictive maintenance tools with advanced analytics. Hinduja Tech, Telit, and Senseye offer a scalable and data-driven IIoT solution for enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Download this white paper for better insights on this collaboration that aims to deliver a scalable and data driven IIoT solution for automotive manufacturers.

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