Why Hinduja Tech is bringing high-value jobs to Mexico?

Mar 14th, 2024

Hinduja Tech is bringing high-value jobs to Mexico

Hinduja Tech Makes Headlines in Mexico!

Hinduja Tech, an Indian company specializing in integrated product engineering and digital solutions for the automotive industry, helps businesses locate their engineering and R&D functions near their manufacturing sites. This approach aims to cut costs and accelerate product development.

Hinduja Tech is currently on a hiring spree, seeking 100 mechanical and electrical engineers throughout Mexico to help its customers localize engineering capabilities. Mr. Vijay Malik, the president of Marketing and International Sales, was recently featured in an interview with Mexico News Daily.

Having hired its first hundred engineers in Mexico over five years, Hinduja Tech now aims to double that number within the current year alone. Malik expresses confidence that the company can increase both its personnel and revenue in Mexico by at least 25% per year moving forward. Further, he sees significant potential for further growth given the acceleration of EV manufacturing moving to Mexico.

Witnessing the power of localization and outsourcing of its customers' engineering in India, the company now sees Mexico as "The New India" to follow that trend. Hinduja Tech's model aims to have approximately 70% of engineering work done in Mexico and the other 30% done remotely with specialized experts from India.

Imagine a Hinduja Tech Mexican engineer working in a Japanese, American, or European automobile plant in Mexico, collaborating with colleagues in India — a fascinating mix of globalization and regionalization! Mexico has already demonstrated that it has the skilled labor force to make auto parts and assemble vehicles in huge quantities. This new opportunity is to "Move up the food chain" by providing higher-level, value-added services.

In this case, engineering works to capture more high-skill jobs in Mexico. These are higher-paid, less labor-intensive jobs that require a college degree and pay middle—and upper-middle-class salaries. Mexico needs to develop these jobs to improve its standards of living.

The country is already making strides: while just a few years ago, few women graduated from Mexico's university-level mechanical and electrical engineering programs, Hinduja Tech's Mexico-based engineering team is currently made up of over 10% women, and the company expects that percentage to grow. Its human resources team is made up entirely of women, and the Mexico leadership team is 100% local talent.

Thus, Hinduja Tech stands out as a compelling example of an effective company executing this strategy, showcasing innovation and adaptability in today's evolving business landscape.


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