Competitive Benchmarking Services

Competitive Benchmarking Services

In the era of EVs and Electrification, in order to build successful companies and profitable products, Competitive Benchmarking Services of the market is essential to understand where the market leader stands today. Hinduja Tech performs Benchmarking to Purpose and has real-time experience in Market Research, Sub-System, USP and White Space Analysis. We provide high-end support to our customers to stay ahead of competition, adopt innovative and new strategies, through industry benchmarks, enabling them to improve their processes, systems, and take right business decisions.

Technology Driver Parts

Hinduja Tech’s partnership with Munro & Associates has resulted in the implementation of ADAS benchmarking. The study provides valuable insights into product development, supplier Competitive Benchmarking Services activities to understand the market in detail, and driver interactions with major ADAS technologies. It analyses the user experience for a multitude of technologies across various vehicles and reports successes, failures, and insights.Read more

Our Competitive Benchmarking Services Offerings

Our Competitive Benchmarking Services includes a 3 Step process – Pre-Process, Mid-Process and Post-Process; where the Pre-Process includes Performance Benchmarking and Static Benchmarking. The Mid-Process includes the Vehicle Teardown studies followed by the Post-Process that involves Material Analysis, Electric & Electronics Architecture, Schematic Instruction (HV/LV), Control Strategy, Reverse Mapping and Reverse Engineering.

Vehicle Teardown Studies

Large OEMs spend a lot of time, cost and resources to carry out teardown activities to get a lot out of the competitive benchmarking services exercise. Teardown explicitly shows the key components and features of a competitor’s vehicle or system, which is the target for a new vehicle development. We love to breakdown things, drill deeper into every information that is possibly there. We conduct teardown studies for various types of vehicles and carry out detailed specifications, and cost analysis of all the components, including weight & dimensions, and manufacturing processes.

Competitive Benchmarking Services

Static Benchmarking

Competitive Benchmarking Services

Performance Benchmarking

Every vehicle has its own pros and cons. Every automaker is trying harder than ever to achieve optimum performance levels and attract more customers. Hinduja Tech’s team journeys with you to identify your competition, analyze what they do best and suggest how you can be better in that space. Performance Benchmarking of a vehicle typically includes analyzing the speed, position and distance both indoors and outdoors; acceleration and deceleration testing, lap timing, measuring cornering g-forces, rolling resistance and vehicle aerodynamics.

Competitive Benchmarking Services

Engineering Assessment

Functions of a vehicle are more precise than accurate. Every component in the BOM serves a very specific purpose. We assess and find solutions for different stages of vehicle development, from component to systems to full vehicle development. Hinduja Tech always aims to do a commendable job by delivering the best-in-class designs; we also have excellent experience with Engineering & Manufacturing Practices and an apt choice of Mounting and Fastening.

With pressure building on automotive organizations (OEMs/Tier X Suppliers) to reduce cost, Value Analysis/Value Engineering becomes the central theme to achieve this mission on sustainability. To stay competitive in the market place, lean design & manufacturing is critical for achieving cost excellence.

OEMs or Tier-1 suppliers are initiating VA/VE programs, but there is a lack of end-to-end visibility with weak ideas in the pipeline. Hinduja Tech’s VAVE Idea Management Solution brings these benefits to VA/VE Managers :

• Reduction in lead time for VA/VE Idea Management Process

• Reduction in Idea Mortality Rate

• Strong Idea Pipeline

Zero-Based Costing

For years, automakers have been plagued by the question of Make vs Buy. Should I build this internally or should I outsource to a supplier? Both have their own pros and cons. We at Hinduja Tech help you make the right decision. For every component/part that we come across, we analyze the material used, vehicle dimensions, cost margins, right suppliers, etc. and provide valuable information for you to act upon.

Projects Delivered

• Entry Level Passenger Vehicles in Emerging Markets for Global OEMs

• Two Wheelers for a global OEM

• SUVs for a global OEM

• Engine Benchmarking for global OEMs

• Cost Benchmarking for a global luxury car

• Setting Right Performance, Weight & Cost Targets

• Best Product at Optimal Cost

Our Competitive Benchmarking Expertise

Our Competitive Benchmarking Expertise

Prepare – Explore – Report – Ideation – Optimization

Competitive Benchmarking Services

Case Studies - Competitive Benchmarking Services

PV Segment Vehicle Benchmarking

PV Segment Vehicle Benchmarking

Hinduja Team has worked on vehicle specifications while ensuring deployment of Performance and Cost Benchmarking

Vehicle Benchmarking of Global OEM

Vehicle Benchmarking of Global OEM

Hinduja Tech’s benchmarking solution ensures best of class attributes and detailed technical analysis in this competitiv...

LCV Benchmarking for Global OEM

LCV Benchmarking for Global OEM

Capturing the Japanese market with LCV Benchmarking while optimizing 1.2% of total vehicle cost

View More Case Studies
Why Us?

Setting Right Performance, Weight & Cost Targets

Best Product at Optimal Cost

Expertise in choosing the right product through scientific means that will have a positive impact on the market

Backed up externally with well-established relationships

Internally driven by proven skills, time-tested processes & procedures

What Our Customers Say About Us

"It is an understatement if we say, ‘Our Team is very pleased with the excellent work we have received from Hinduja Tech’. Hinduja Tech competitive benchmarking services team has overall outshined our expectations and has proven to be a great asset to our program!"

Director of Engineering, An Emerging OEM

"Thanks for the amazing support Hinduja Tech has provided. We’re really impressed by the ownership taken by your competitive benchmarking services team, and truly appreciate what they have done to keep our projects running successfully."

Engineering Unit Manager, A Global Tier-1 Supplier

"Meeting project milestones is always a top priority, and once Hinduja Tech came into the frame, we knew we were advancing in the right direction and have successfully achieved what we desired. Thanks for being reliable each time and making communication way more effective and easier."

Lead Product Engineer, Roof Systems, A Global Tier-1 Supplier

Nithyanand S

Nithyanand S

Practice Head

Nithyanand S is the Practice Head for Competitive Benchmarking Services. He is a techno-commercial professional with 23 years of experience in both technical and commercial function, spread across Auto and Auto ancillary industries. He is a seasoned professional working in complex and challenging environments with proven ability to represent the organization in all functions such as Cost, Quality, Delivery and Technology. Nithyanand is proficient in Strategic Sourcing, Vendor Development, Part Development through strong process approach, Price Settlements, Cost Reduction through VA/VE, and has exposure in different commodities and processes. He has real-time experience in Supply Chain Management and Capacity Planning.

Proven, Time-Tested Competitive Benchmarking Solutions. Reach Out to Us to Know More!

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