OEMs are compelled to explore suppliers outside of the existing traditional supplier base in the ever-changing automotive landscape. The new and dynamic supplier base includes procurement of new generation electronic and technology driven parts. Industry challenges like shorter product life, need for adaptive and customer inclusive approach, and high competition pushes the auto players to adopt Just in Time (JIT) operations for a nimble production line. This also requires a thorough understanding of supply chain bottlenecks in each stage. Localizing parts considering cost, quality, logistics, longevity and sustainability of supplier relationships to meet target market demands becomes the top priority. Read more

End-to-End Costing and Sourcing Support

End to End Process For Costing and Sourcing Services By Hinduja Tech Limited

Costing and Sourcing Service Offerings

Costing and Sourcing Benchmarking

Hinduja Tech offers a comprehensive vehicle benchmarking analysis of the most important, recently released EV Vehicles, ICE Powered Vehicles and Vehicle Parts, Sub-System and Components.

• Feature Benchmarking
• Performance Benchmarking
• Material Analysis
• Teardown Analysis
• Zero-Based Costing
• Cost Analysis and VAVE Idea Generation
• Report Generation and Recommendations

Costing and Sourcing Services By Hinduja Tech Limited

Top Down and Bottom Up Approach For Costing and Sourcing Services By Hinduja Tech Limited

Prototype Development

Hinduja Tech offers rapid Prototype Development services to reduce product development time while simultaneously providing best manufacturing methods and functional performance feedback.

• Rapid Prototyping
• Functional Prototyping
• Component Prototyping
• Vehicle Prototyping

Supplier Selection

Hinduja Tech’s Supplier Selection is convenient through active engagements with over 700 suppliers to best assist you according to your project requirements.

• Initial Self Evaluation of Supplier (Best-in-Class Survey)
• Detailed Supplier System Audit (SSRS)
• Supplier Rating
• Manufacturing Feasibility Review
• Product & Process Audit - Yearly assessment/concern based

Strategic Sourcing

Hinduja Tech’s in-depth knowledge in automotive business, products, manufacturing, technology and services support makes us the ideal strategic sourcing partner. Hinduja Tech supports you from identifying the right suppliers, striking the right bargain to establishing processes for prototyping and vehicle manufacturing.

• Receipt of Part Drawing/Inputs
• Floating RFI
• Supplier Set Selection
• NDA Sign Off
• Supplier Assessment
• RFQ Creation
• RFQ Response Analysis
• Negotiation
• Final Due Diligence
• Supplier Finalization
• Purchase Agreement
• PO Release

Part Development

Hinduja Tech can assist OEMs & Tier-1s in Part Development activities.

• Finalize material specification and source
• Prepare and approve Part Testing Plan
• Proto/Tooling Kick Off
• Start Fixture, Tool and Gauge Material Development
• Tooled Up Sample
• PPAP Plan
• PPAP Documentation
• Regular Supplies Commencement
• Production Plan & Quality Sign-Off
• Supplier Performance-Monitoring
• Management Review
• PSW Sign-Off

Value Analysis/Value Engineering

In today’s challenging auto market, OEMs and Tier-1s need to focus on reducing the product development cost to stay competitive. Hinduja Tech helps auto players in cost reduction and achieve sustainable profitable innovation for its customers through its Value Analysis and Value Engineering (VAVE) services.

• Design Optimization
• Feature/Spec Optimization
• Manufacturing Process Optimization
• Sourcing Optimization

Case Studies - Costing and Sourcing

Engine Localization for Leading OEM

Engine Localization for Leading OEM

Engine localisation for a leading OEM in India achieved by Hinduja Tech team with 95% cost accuracy

European Luxury Car

European Luxury Car

BCC sourcing process setup and execution with 20%-30% cost savings

Proto Sourcing and Development

Proto Sourcing and Development

Proto EV Truck Development using various proto processes to develop Interiors and Exteriors

View More Case Studies
Why Us?

Fully Compliant with APQP Procedures and Supplier Audit Norms

In-House Lab Facility for complete Vehicle Benchmarking

Localization undertaken for various Sub-Systems like Powertrain, Trims, Composites, Wheels & Tyres and Machined Components

Advanced Techniques for Rapid Prototyping consisting of
Stereo Lithography (SLA), Selective Laser Sintering (SLS®), 
Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM™), 
Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM), 
Solid Ground Curing (SGC),
and Ink Jet Printing Techniques

Active engagement with over 700+ suppliers for quicker Time-to-Market

Nithyanand S

Nithyanand S

Practice Head

Nithyanand S is the Practice Head for Costing and Sourcing. He is a techno-commercial professional with 23 years of experience in both technical and commercial function, spread across Auto and Auto ancillary industries. He is a seasoned professional working in complex and challenging environments with proven ability to represent the organization in all functions such as Cost, Quality, Delivery and Technology. Nithyanand is proficient in Strategic Sourcing, Vendor Development, Part Development through strong process approach, Price Settlements, Cost Reduction through VA/VE, and has exposure in different commodities and processes. He has real-time experience in Supply Chain Management and Capacity Planning.

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