Automotive engineering is undergoing a massive ecosystem shift. Autonomous, Electrification, Connected and Ride Sharing have had a major influence on the transportation industry globally, especially in the Powertrain segment. At Hinduja Tech, we combine our rich domain expertise and decades of experience working with some of the leading OEMs and Tier-1s in the Powertrain segment. We focus on addressing key challenges of reducing emissions, and deploying latest technologies to build brand new EV, and Hybrid & ICE Powertrain from concept to industrialization. Read more

Powertrain Development Services

Full Engine Development Services  - Powertrain Development Services by Hinduja Tech Limited
Systems and Subsystems Development Services  - Powertrain Development Services by Hinduja Tech Limited
Automotive Part Development Services  - Powertrain Development Services by Hinduja Tech Limited
Full Engine DevelopmentProjects-System & Sub-SystemPart Development
Full Engine Development Services  - Powertrain Development Services by Hinduja Tech Limited

A customized system engineering methodology adopted for creating engines which scores in all areas viz. performance, maximum carry-over capacity, low cost and time-to-market. We cater to the urgent needs of making a ‘Greener’ engine, while equipping it to achieve peak performance levels. Some salient features include torsional vibration reduction, friction and noise reduction, combustion optimization and after treatment development. Engine Hybridization/Mild Hybrid - using modern technologies like energy recovery and vehicle operating points optimization. We have designed minimum electrification hybrid engines for power augmentation.

Our ICE Powertrain Development Service Offerings

Our ICE Powertrain Development Service Offerings

Hinduja Tech provides end-to-end ICE powertrain development services throughout the product lifecycle.

Powertrain Development Services Offerings by Hinduja Tech Limited

Concept Benchmarking

Our power train development services expertise in developing engines from the ground up helps us to undertake Benchmarking and Teardown analysis with finesse using well-equipped testing and proto-shop facility, and also third-party facility vetted via NDA, MSA and MoU agreements.

Dynamic Benchmarking Practices - Powertrain Development Services by Hinduja Tech Limited
Dynamic Benchmarking
  • Full Load Performance
  • Part Load Performance
  • Crank AV Measurement
  • Vibration Measurement
  • Noise Measurement
Benchmarking Practices - Powertrain Development Services by Hinduja Tech Limited
  • Teardown of the Engine
  • Understanding of Mechanical Architechture
  • System Understanding
  • Component Level Understanding
  • Bill of Material Preparation
Automotive Gap Analysis  - Powertrain Development Services by Hinduja Tech Limited
Gap Analysis & Ideas for Gap Coverage
  • Power/Torque
  • BSFC
  • Crank AV
  • Vibration & Noise
  • Architecture Comparison
  • Weight Comparison and Analysis

Design Engineering - Engine Design & Assembly

Hinduja Tech has always risen up to the challenges in Engine Design & Assembly by designing diverse applications, and adhering to quality standards and timelines. We also design and assemble system components using DFX concepts like Design for Assembly, Serviceability, and Accessibility. With our in-house Vehicle Integration/Vehicle Architecture design capability, we conduct a Digital Mock Up (DMU) of the Powertrain with the entire vehicle, which can be validated with engine design to accelerate product development.

IC Powertrain Virtual Validation

To reduce the amount of exhaustive physical testing of engines, we have employed various simulation tools running on compatible multi-core workstations, to provide results that can be correlated with test data. We also have pre-defined simulation models and best practices documents, which are used for reference purposes and are updated on a timely basis.

1 D Simulation
  • Thermodynamic Simulation
  • Crank Train Dynamics
  • Valvetrain Kinematics and Dynamics
  • Lubrication
1D Simulations Studies MATLAB - Powertrain Development Services by Hinduja Tech Limited
In Cylinder Combustion
  • Port Flow Analysis
  • Combustion Analysis
  • Exhaust Flow Analysis
Ansys - ICE Analysis
In Cylinder Combustion Analysis Using Ansys - Powertrain Development Services by Hinduja Tech Limited
  • Structural Validation
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Multi-body Dynamics
  • NVH
  • Fatigue
Ansys, Nastran, ADAMS, MSC Fatigue
Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Using Ansys - Powertrain Development Services by Hinduja Tech Limited
  • Coolant Flow Analysis
  • Airflow Analysis
  • Ansys CFX
Ansys CFX
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Using Ansys - Powertrain Development Services by Hinduja Tech Limited

Design Validation - Physical Testing

As a part of the reliability demonstration, we also undertake Physical Testing of Engines and Components to verify the functional, performance and durability parameters.

Component Level Test
Fatigue Test
Connecting Rod
Performance Test
Oil Pump
Water Pump
System Level Test
Motoring & Valve Lift Test
Valve Train
Engine Level Test
High Speed No Load


Malfunction or failure of a single component in an engine can lead to catastrophic consequences. As such, it is essential to fully test and evaluate the performance of an engine prototype. Hinduja Tech has extensive experience in prototyping engine and its components. Hinduja Tech helps its customers with rapid prototyping of engines in a cost-effective manner, and possesses the skills to help bring new product concepts to life.

Engine Prototyping - Powertrain Development Services by Hinduja Tech Limited

VA/VE & Cost Engineering

In today’s mobility world, there is a constant need to reduce the development cost and stay competitive in the market. At Hinduja Tech, we’re committed to help OEMs & Tier-1s achieve cost reduction of products and accelerate sustainable profitable innovation for our customers through our Value Analysis & Value Engineering (VAVE) services.

Value Analysis and Value Engineering(VAVE) - Powertrain Development Services by Hinduja Tech Limited

EV Powertrain

Electrified Powertrain is the core of all technologies revolving around the Electric Vehicle. Electric Powertrain Architecture is distinguished between three major systems: Battery Pack, Electric Drive System or Electric Motor, and other power conversion electronic components (inverter, converter & on-board charger). The typical challenges in the development of the EV powertrain components include: efficient thermal management, integrating electric systems, weight reduction, and vehicle performance. Hinduja Tech supports OEMs & Tier-1s to overcome the current and future challenges of EV Powertrain Development. Click here to know more about Advanced ePropulsion System Design.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Powertrain Development Services  - Powertrain Development Services by Hinduja Tech Limited

Case Studies - Powertrain Development Services

1 Litre Engine Development

1 Litre Engine Development

Hinduja Tech Engineers Conceptualized, Designed, Developed, and Tested Proto Engine in just 18 months

Lightweighting of Engines 

Lightweighting of Engines 

Hinduja Tech’s team of engineers have analysed and studied on Design Optimization, Light Weighting and Functional Integr...

Cylinder Block and Cylinder Head Design & Development 

Cylinder Block and Cylinder Head Design & Development 

Hinduja Tech’s engineers made a map of the Cylinder Block and Cylinder Head by listing out the Cylinder Blocks, Cylinder...

View More Case Studies
Why Us?

EV Powertrain Integration and Full Vehicle Development in one place. Your one-stop shop for Systemic Analysis and Vehicle Electrification

Predefined MATLAB Models for Systems and Sub-System

State-of-the-art laboratory to test and validate the results

Concept to First Engine Firing in just 18 months

Offshore/Onshore model of delivery

Proven Experience in Developing Powertrain for PV, CV and EVs

700+ Suppliers in Engine and Powertrain components to support Design & Development

What Our Customers Say About Us

It is an understatement if we say, ‘Our team is very pleased with the excellent work we have received from Hinduja Tech’. Hinduja Tech team has overall outshined our expectations and has proven to be a great asset to our program!

Director of Engineering, An Emerging OEM

Thanks for the amazing support Hinduja Tech has provided. We’re really impressed by the ownership taken by your team, and truly appreciate what they have done to keep our projects running successfully.

Engineering Unit Manager, A Global Tier-1 Supplier

Meeting project milestones is always a top priority, and once Hinduja Tech came into the frame, we knew we were advancing in the right direction and have successfully achieved what we desired. Thanks for being reliable each time and making communication way more effective and easier.

Lead Product Engineer, Roof Systems, A Global Tier-1 Supplier

Sriprakash D B

Sriprakash D B

Practice Head

Sriprakash is the Practice Head for Powertrain Development Services. With over 20 years of experience, Sriprakash is responsible for managing the design and development of Powertrain Systems, and emerging market propulsions including alternate fuels, reduced engine concept to launch timelines with significant cost savings. He is also involved in product design, 1D simulation, FEA/CFD and reliability lab set up.

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