Hinduja Tech Launches New, Sustainable, and Energy Efficient Website

Apr 6th, 2022

Hinduja Tech, part of UK-based transnational conglomerate Hinduja Group, is now launching its new, sustainable website (hindujatech.com) that strongly supports the reduction of Carbon Footprint. To make it more accessible and comfortable for its OEM & Tier X customers and other global users, it is packed with great features and aligned to the company’s DNA of Frugal Engineering and Sustainable Mobility!

This new website gives a fresh and distinctive look to HT's Service Offerings for the automotive industry. HT has thoughtfully and intricately designed its website to bring a perfect look & feel with easy navigation options. It is interactive, user-centric, and responsive with easy-to-access information. It showcases a library of case studies on completed projects outlining the value HT has created for its customers. The featured customer testimonials are a testament to HT’s years of automotive domain experience, business acumen, and demonstrated success in driving results.

Mother Nature, in several ways, is a source of inspiration that leads to innovation. Like how the shape of Whales inspired the design of the submarines, and the Buzzard Eagle inspired the Wright brothers to build the first aeroplanes, the Honey Bee and its hive inspired Hinduja Tech to develop its new website. The frugal nature of a Bee building its hive in hexagonal designs resonates with HT’s unique proposition on Frugal Engineering, which is imprinted on the website!

As secure as a hive, this new website is built on a solid technical architecture that helps load the website in less than 3 seconds. It is said that a bee consumes about eight ounces of honey to produce a single ounce of wax and, HT has integrated this idea of Less Wax – More Storage into the website by bringing a compact website with intuitive content.

This robust website also allows multiple language options, has a 24/7 navigational chatbot and Energy Save options that include Dark Mode, Brightness Control, and Hibernate Mode to reduce energy consumption automatically. Frequent usage of Dark Mode helps save 39% of the battery power. Similarly, Hibernating Mode and Brightness Control also extend in helping reduce Global Carbon Footprint digitally. Hinduja Tech is committed to reducing the web's energy consumption and environmental impact by creating this energy-efficient website. As an organization, HT believes that small yet significant changes can go a long way to lighten the load on the planet.

Hinduja Tech is the Integrated Engineering & Digital Technologies Company for the Mobility Industry, and it strives to be among the top 5 service providers from India in the convergent space of Product Engineering and Digital Solutions. They have rightly positioned themselves to address the change and the unchanged of the new mobility industry. Passionate about Engineering Mobility, the HT team is committed to developing smart vehicle concepts and platforms to holistically co-create next-generation vehicle applications. HT pioneered the Frugal Engineering paradigm for a much simplified, fresh, and innovative thinking that has proven to deliver award-winning vehicles and generate market share & profits at new price points.

HT’s 360° Vehicle Engineering Ecosystem has delivered over 100+ PV/CV programs to global OEMs (14+ are EVs) while lowering the BOM cost by 7-21% yet compressing time to market (calling it 0.67 NPD). The team is an early adopter of Model-Based Systems engineering in its Powertrain and Electrical & Electronics practices.

Hinduja Tech embraces the future and is geared to accelerate the journey of its clients towards sustainable profitable innovation as the promise.

(This news article was first published on March 14, 2022 in several publications including Business Standard, NewsVoir, The Asian Chronicle and other leading e-magazines.)


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Dark Mode

Like a lightning in the dark sky, our website shines bright even on a dark night.

Brightness Control

Bright or Dark, the control is yours, Listen to your eyes, for it tires a lot.

Hibernate Mode

Worry not of the energy consumed, when the Polar Bear mode is all for you.