Hinduja Tech’s Product Engineering Services division has inherited decades of automotive product development expertise in our DNA, and we offer full vehicle and powertrain development services from concept through SOP for ICE vehicles and EVs. Hinduja Tech has pioneered automotive product co-development using its unique frugal paradigm EngiNEAR with a strong focus on 'zero-based design to cost process' and delivered award winning programs.Read more

Frugal EngiNEARing Paradigm

Hinduja Tech plays a pivotal role to achieve faster time-to-market and product cost reduction using Frugal Engineering methodologies for its OEM and Tier-1 clients. With our proven delivery model & processes, decades of automotive domain expertise, skilled engineers and industry leaders, and 700+ supplier network, we have saved millions of dollars for our customers when they release their product in the market. By doing so, we become your go-to partner for Product Development!

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With the evolution of green and next-gen mobility, Hinduja Tech is all geared to drive innovation and meet the growing advancements in EV technologies, and our engineering teams have been executing a diverse portfolio of EV programs for various mobility applications for our OEM customers. For our Tier X customers, we have been co-developing smart IP development & innovation leveraging our service offerings in electrical, embedded, and electronics systems.

Our 60+ client list from Fortune 100 includes 7 of top 10 Global Auto OEMs, leading disruptive and emerging OEMs & Global Tier-1, 2 Suppliers in Asia, Europe, UK and Americas.

Our Product Engineering Services

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Case Studies

Instrument Panel Modal Characterization Study

Instrument Panel Modal Characterization Study

Hinduja Tech’s engineers worked on the modal characterization and performed meshing for the given instrument panel of a ...

Bumper Rigidity Analysis

Bumper Rigidity Analysis

To evaluate the rigidity of the front bumper of a passenger car as per customer standards

Full Cycle Programs Executed by Hinduja Tech

Full Cycle Programs Executed by Hinduja Tech

Hinduja Tech engineers successfully executed Full Cycle Programs for Passenger Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles, Diesel Eng...

Autonomous Vehicle Development

Autonomous Vehicle Development

Hinduja Tech engineers designed & developed the World’s First Autonomous Electric Shuttle

Why Us?

Proven Experience in Full Vehicle Development

Concept to Prototype and through SOP Support

Digital Systems in Engineering that helps in Achieving Engineering Efficiency and Reducing Proto-Costs

Demonstrated Product BOM Cost Reduction that helps OEMs save millions of dollars

Proven Experience and Continued Relationship with OEMs, Tier-1 & Disruptive Players

15% - 18% Reduction in Time-to-Market |
12% - 15% Lower Cost

What Our Customers Say About Us

"It is an understatement if we say, ‘Our team is very pleased with the excellent work we have received from Hinduja Tech’. Hinduja Tech team has overall outshined our expectations and has proven to be a great asset to our program!"

Director of Engineering, An Emerging OEM

"Thanks for the amazing support Hinduja Tech has provided. We’re really impressed by the ownership taken by your team, and truly appreciate what they have done to keep our projects running successfully."

Engineering Unit Manager, A Global Tier-1 Supplier

"Meeting project milestones is always a top priority, and once Hinduja Tech came into the frame, we knew we were advancing in the right direction and have successfully achieved what we desired. Thanks for being reliable each time and making communication way more effective and easier."

Lead Product Engineer, Roof Systems, A Global Tier-1 Supplier

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