OEMs and Tier-1s need to Respond, Reimagine and Reinvent to stay relevant and remain competitive in the automotive market. Hinduja Tech can help you achieve your goals with our Digital Technology Services which includes our ERP-SAP offerings, Application Services and Digital Transformation Services. Read more

Accelerating Your Digital Technology Services!

Digital Technology Services -  Collaboration

Our Digital Technology Services

  • Digital Technology Services - ERP_SAP

    ERP - SAP

  • Hinduja Tech - Proaxia VSS Solutions

    SAP Vehicle Sales and Service (VSS) Solutions

  • Digital Technology Services - Application Services

    Application Services

  • Digital Transformation Services

    Digital Transformation Services

Case Studies - Digital Technology Services

Custom Web Development - Microsoft Stack

Custom Web Development - Microsoft Stack

The project was aimed to improve the productivity and safety in the height access industry

Fleet Management Services

Fleet Management Services

Developed a Fleet Management application – iAlert to enable fleet operators to monitor the whereabouts, status and healt...

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Why us?

Multifaceted blend of Consulting Data Science, IT & Automotive Engineering Expertise

Partnered with Business & IT companies (including startups)

Scalable and Phased approach with a strong Governance Mechanism to improve Quality from Pilots to Production

Proven experience, and lasting relationship with OEMs & Tier-1, Disruptive Players

End-to-End solutions coverage of services from opportunity discovery with Co-ownership of Success

What Our Customers Say About Us

“I applaud the Hinduja Tech Digital Technology Services team for their immediate support and timely solutions to help us overcome the challenges faced during the projects.”

Engineering Unit Manager, Global Tier-1 Supplier

“We are grateful and amazed by the speedy response and prompt support extended by the Hinduja Tech Digital Technology Services team. With Hinduja Tech’s help we made swift progress towards fulfilling our targets.”

Support Systems Manager, Global OEM

“Adhering to deadlines is imperative and client satisfaction is of utmost importance, we appreciate the efforts Hinduja Tech Digital Technology Services team has made alongside aligning our goals and principles towards theirs.”

Engineering Manager, Global Tier-1 Supplier

Prashant Nirmale

Prashant Nirmale

Business Unit Head - Digital Technology Solutions

Prashant Nirmale is the Head of Digital Technology Solutions (DTS). Prashant has more than two decades of experience in the IT Industry spearheading various roles including Consulting, Software Development, Sales and Management. Prashant is skilled in SAP custom development, maintaining and building relationships with OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers while also ensuring a successful collaboration with our customers.

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