Hinduja Tech has proven expertise in ensuring the reliability of any vehicles ranging from 2W, 3W, PV and CV using our simulation that you can trust! We’re heading towards ZERO Prototype! With Virtual Validation acting as the catalyst for accelerating product development, you can integrate and build your next vehicle 100% as planned and achieve an ROI. Read more

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Structural Analysis
Durability Analysis
Crash & Safety Analysis
Multi Body Dynamics
Manufacturing Solutions
ational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
Battery Thermal Simulation

Virtual Validation Simulation Services

Commercial VehiclesPassenger Vehicles2W and 3W Vehicles

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Safety Standards & Regulations Followed

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Case Studies - Virtual Validation

Side Impact Analysis as per SINCAP

Side Impact Analysis as per SINCAP

Evaluation of the structural performance of a Passenger car was conducted as per SINCAP requirement considering occupant...

Battery Thermal Management System 

Battery Thermal Management System 

Hinduja Tech helped an automotive giant in analyzing the transient for flow distribution in the coolant pipe, comparison...

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Why Us?

Million Hours of Simulation Delivered

Close Correlation with Physical Test

Proven Experience: Lasting Relationship with OEMs, Tier-1 & Disruptive Players

State of the Art Computing Infrastructure and Test Facilities

Problem Solving through Robust and Tested Processes

Ready to Serve at Short Notice

What Our Customers Say About Us

“FANTASTIC! Thanks for getting this done ASAP, I really appreciate the speed at which you have delivered the CAD model, and FEA Report”

NPD Engineering Manager, A Strategic Supplier of Precision Metal Component Manufacturing Industry

“Congratulations and Good Work Hinduja Tech Virtual Validation Team! Vehicle roof cover airflow CFD Analysis results are matching the actual Vehicle Conditions!”

Principal Engineer, R&D Prototype Division,
A Global OEM

“Wow! Now it looks like an actual metal spring! That’s incredible…thanks!”

Engineering Manager, A Global Industrial and Aerospace Manufacturer and Service Provider

FAQ - Virtual Validation

What is CAE and CFD in Automotive Engineering?

CAE stands for Computer-Aided Engineering. It's utilized in automotive engineering to simulate and analyze various aspects of vehicle design such as structural integrity, thermal management, and aerodynamics.

What are the common CAE/CFD simulation studies performed by Hinduja Tech?

Meshing, Structural Simulation, Durability Simulation, NVH Simulation, Multi-body Dynamics Simulation, Crash and Safety Simulation, Battery Thermal Simulation, In-cabin HVAC Thermal Simulation, Electronics Cooling, etc.

What is CFD and how does it apply to Automotive Design?

CFD, or Computational Fluid Dynamics, is a subset of CAE that focuses on simulating fluid flow and heat transfer. In automotive design, CFD is instrumental in optimizing aerodynamics, cooling systems, and fuel efficiency.

What are the benefits of using CAE/CFD in Automotive Development?

The benefits include cost reduction, shorter development cycles, improved product quality, and the ability to explore multiple design iterations virtually before physical prototypes are built.

How does CAE/CFD help in reducing development costs and time-to-market?

By minimizing the need for physical prototypes and testing, CAE/CFD significantly reduces costs and accelerates time-to-market by allowing engineers to evaluate designs quickly and efficiently.
Jabastin Charles E

Jabastin Charles E

Practice Head

As the Practice Head of Virtual Validation, Jabastin has rich experience in product design, and conducting simulation tests to study the strength, durability, vibration, safety and thermal aspects of a vehicle. With about 21 years of experience and PMP certification, he has the right expertise in successfully managing complex projects end-to-end. Jabastin is hands-on in the area of Vehicle Crash Worthiness, and has worked in several Vehicle Development programs involving crash and safety.

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